Children's wear red coat recommended New Year is to flourish

2014 is coming to an end, we will soon usher in a new 2015, then since the New Year, and mothers have started to prepare for the New Year baby clothes, and festive red jacket has naturally become a lot of mother's choice, So today Xiaobian also brought several red children's wear for everyone, mothers can bring together to pick the baby to see together, the New Year is to booming! Warm red suction robbed steal another New Year atmosphere, but also can bring out the ruddy child's face and the feeling of living waves, the red jacket on the map although this design is not overhangs, but publicity Red has enough to steal the spotlight, and thick fabrics can also help children cope with the winter chill, with print backing T-shirt and camouflage pants to wear, cool and stylish warm and charming, small tide male is your baby it! Of course, to pay more attention to the design of the style, of course, to pay more attention to the design of the style, as the picture above is good, the design of the middle and long sections is more warm and warm, and the addition of white hooded fur collar adds a bit Sweet and lovely little girl, with black leggings and red sneakers to wear together, and finally coupled with a red spell color wool cap, the overall look stylish yet sweet and lovely, very suitable for girls to wear Oh! (Photo source: Qiu He children's clothing)

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