Congratulations WISEMI Qingdao Jiaozhou City, Shandong Liqun mall image store opened

Summer enthusiast, unlimited passion, WISEMI launched a one-stop shop to recruit the world at the same time, Shandong Jiaozhou Liqun Mall WISEMI purple standard series of children's wear a grand debut in the city, the successful start 1Million store recruiting plan the first ring, August 11, 2013, WISEMI Zi superscript children's clothing Jiaozhou Liqun Mall grand opening, which is also following WISEMI Yunnan, Guizhou, Henan and another strong presence in Jiaozhou store image, WISEMI one-stop Pregnant baby fashion department stores continue to accelerate the expansion of the country to further expand WISEMI brand stores in the country scale, in response to a new brand core values ​​and market appeal. WISEMI brand five standard series of products include children (3-16 years old), children (1-5 years old), infants (0-3 years old), maternity (22-35 years old), toys (plush toys, intellectual Toys, plastic toys), advanced care products, diapers, children's tableware, children's shoes and a series of products, a strong product system, impeccable layout style, by consumers and the market's pursuit and love. WISEMI through industry resources integration, relying on the strength of the Hong Kong-based group, WISEMI released "fast fashion one-stop pregnant baby fashion department store," the concept of a high degree of industry, shopping malls, media, excellent distribution customers, suppliers and other high attention. "WISEMI Fast Fashion One-stop Pregnancy Baby Fashion Department Store" will set up a one-stop business alliance platform for the pregnant baby industry, providing a brand new business model for the pregnant baby industry. WISEMI brand will actively spread the children's fashion wearing culture, inspire children's imagination, leading a new education as their responsibility, to create "imagination children's fashion color", "do not want to be outstanding" as the core concept of a comprehensive children's clothing industry. WISEMI fast fashion one-stop pregnant baby fashion department store, is now limited to the global recruitment of 200 square meters, 500 square meters, 1,000 square meters and other one-stop shop. WISEMI2014 spring and summer new products and supplies feast tasting and ordering will be held on August 20 at the company's headquarters (Xiong Yip International Group), when you are welcome to visit the site to guide! Choose more than effort, the model decided to succeed! Who built a one-stop business alliance platform! Who is leading a one-stop fast fashion pregnant baby!

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