Warm congratulations 囧 shop Japan and South Korea original children's clothing brand Hanzhengjiezhengzheng clothing trade city store grand opening!

囧 shop Japan and South Korea children's clothing shop is located in the city of Kim Jung-han Kim Jung-Trade Fashion Trade City, Kim Jung-mao Clothing and Trade City in Wuhan Hankou Hanzhengjie market in the heart of the block, south of Hanzhengjie, north of the folder Street, from Baoqing Street is divided into East and West two Tower, is the entire business district in the Hanzhengjie business climate is most abundant, the most mature business development, the garment industry has the highest degree of intensive business district. A total of 25 layers, 1-6 layers for men and women children's clothing shops, 7 layers for the integrated activities area, 8- 25 floors for the apartment building, negative on the first floor. The second floor are children's clothing, four, five. Sixth floor were fashion, Han men and women, etc., also has a large food court, and other projects under construction 囧 shop Japan and South Korea children's clothing Kim Jung-Mart store on the second floor, covering more than 50 square feet, according to the founder of 囧 shop brand Pan said August 28 opening season, there will be large-scale song and dance performances, models catwalks, a large number of new children's discount discounts. The boss came to order Figure 1 囧 shop is a Korean children's clothing brand, located in Japan and South Korea trend, beginning in the autumn of 2011. It is built by the country's top professional trend design team and has a number of senior trend consultants responsible for brand-oriented, potential for the current lack of Japanese and Korean highlights the children's clothing "trend" to open a breakthrough area. At the same time 囧 shop is the origin of the original brand planning - do the clothes themselves. Do not talk about other. Picture 2 Picture 3

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