Foreign trade bulk cargo operation skills

1. “consolidate” is the English of LCL, referred to as “consol” in international trade and transportation.

2, LCL goods generally can not accept the designation of a specific shipping company, the shipping company only accepts the booking of the whole box of goods, and does not directly accept the booking of LCL goods, only through the freight forwarders (individual strong shipping companies through its logistics The company will be able to book the LCL cargo before it can be booked to the shipping company. Almost all LCL goods are transported through the “concentration of centralized handling and centralized distribution” of the freight forwarding company. The LCL port in East China is basically For Shanghai Port. Due to the limitations of the supply, the general freight forwarders can only concentrate on booking to several shipping companies, and rarely meet the needs of the designated shipping company. Therefore, when ordering LCL cargo, try not to accept the designated shipping company, so as not to be checked in. Can not meet the requirements.

3. When negotiating the transaction with the customer, special attention should be paid to the relevant transportation terms, so as to prevent the other party's letter of credit from being found and unable to meet the transportation terms. In daily operation, we often encounter L/C regulations. LCL cargo transport does not accept bill of lading for freight forwarders. Because the shipping company does not directly accept the booking of LCL cargo, the shipping company’s ocean bill of lading is issued to the freight forwarder, and Issue HOUSEB/L to the consignor. If L/C stipulates that B/L will not be accepted, then there will be no space for actual transportation, which will result in L/C discrepancies. For example, when we are in transit, we find a shipment order in the case of LCL basis and Bill of Lading to evidence the same and to show that all LCL. handling charges, THC and delivery order charges at That port of discharges are prepaid. As can be seen from the original text of L/C above, the consignee will pass all the expenses that should have been borne by him to the consignor. This is the detailed negotiation between the consignor and the customer on the terms of transportation during the trade negotiation. To.

4. Billing tons of LCL goods strive to be accurate. Before the delivery of LCL goods, the factory should be required to measure the weight and size of the goods as accurately as possible. When the goods are delivered to the designated warehouse for storage, the warehouse will generally re-measure and will be charged with the re-measured size and weight. standard. In case of factory change of packaging, the factory should be required to notify in time, do not wait until the goods are delivered to the freight forwarding warehouse, feedback back through the freight forwarding, often time is very tight, then change the customs declaration documents, it is easy to delay customs declaration, or generate expedited customs declaration fees And the port charges and so on.

5. Some ports are responsible for LCL's insufficient supply and high cost. The freight forwarding company specializing in LCL adopts lower charging standards for goods with less cargo volume. For example, the lower starting price is 2 freight tonnage, that is, less than 2 freight charges. Tons, all charges are based on 2 freight tons. Therefore, for goods with a small cargo volume and a relatively biased port, we must consider some of these factors in order to avoid passiveness in the future.

6. For some routes and ports are relatively remote, and the customer proposes LCL goods to be delivered to the inland point. It is better to consult before signing the contract, confirming that the shipping company and the freight forwarding company can handle these remote ports and inland points. Sign the contract after delivery and related expenses.

7. At present, in order to cooperate with the “WTO accession”, local customs will focus on the testing of products sensitive to and protected by trademark property rights. For goods involving intellectual property rights, the “Intellectual Property Declaration Form” should be completed in advance, and whether or not there is a brand, whether it is a trademark registered by the company or the factory, or a customer's brand, the relevant registered trademark information should be prepared in advance. Or the customer's authorization; for a wide variety of goods, there are many different types of goods in one-vote order. When ordering, you should list all kinds of goods and goods numbers in detail, and do not use a large-scale commodity code instead. The question that caused the customs was found to be inconsistent with the actual goods when it was inspected, causing troubles that would not be released.

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