Summer pajamas women's summer cotton pajamas

Daily wear is essential to us, but pajamas are equally important to us. Now we are in full bloom. When we finish the day's work, do you feel physically and mentally exhausted? Whether it is the heart or the body needs to be liberated ... At home in the evening, a pajamas can become with you about "girlfriends" friends.


Although pajamas wear indoors, facing the audience is only the closest person around, but it still needs fashion. This cotton pajama set, with a V-neck sexy, high waist line style version of the design, allows you to relax at night body. However, the form of this package, you can make you more free to "indulge" themselves.

夏季睡衣女套装 夏季纯棉睡衣

If you do not like suits, favorite dresses, this a sleeveless dress pajamas should be your favorite. Weak weak color mosaic, you can let it become a suction eye. However, this high waist line design, can make this a pajamas skirts more generous Oh. Coupled with the material of cotton, wear on the body will be skin-friendly oh.

Source: Kang Lu Ni

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