China Mobile teach children (dragons HH) children's clothing store Year of the Ox promotions

China Mobile is the sale of services, good boy (dragons HH) children's clothing store sales of durable goods, both irrelevant, how can be linked together, please be patient look down: First, China Mobile Prepaid Fee activities: China Mobile regulations, December 31, 2008 pre-paid a certain communication fee, and to ensure that the monthly sales in 2009 is not less than a certain amount, you can enjoy a certain gift or gift card recharge; This can achieve two purposes, Year-end red performance; lay the bottom line in 2009. Seasonal seasonal children, spring, summer, autumn and winter wear. Now parents want their children to wear beautiful, cute. In order to be able to become a regular guest Keji; regular customers become loyal customers, it is recommended that children's clothing store boy (including dragons Habitat) to take the following promotions. Different seasons can be linked to the sale of clothing. Activity one: discount - the financial crisis there! Rules: Where in the shop to buy winter clothes and customers to buy spring, holding a small ticket sales spring then the price to enjoy 10% discount; such as spring payment in advance to pay the deposit, customers can enjoy the discount spring sales discount 20% discount, deposit For the winter 30% of the selling price, the balance in the purchase of spring filled, if not satisfied with the original number of spring can refund the deposit; Similarly, the purchase of winter and spring and want to buy summer customers can be based on the above and then down 10% Pay 20% lower deposit; buy winter, spring and summer and want to buy autumn customers, you can drop 10%, deposit down 20%; purchase winter, spring, summer, autumn and winter customers to buy, still down 10 %, Deposit payment is still down 20%! Financial crisis, still discount! Auxiliary work: the need for the customer to register accordingly, explain the cost of some things, some of the larger operating area, operating a longer period of time customers can receive customer deposits. At the same time to tell customers that the costumes just listed when the original price or high discount sales, the seasons in the past, the discount will gradually come down. Customers according to the actual situation choose a different discount period to buy. Spring is coming soon, this event can be started immediately, customers can turn winter full turn repeat customers, and so on. Second, China Mobile sets the package according to different target groups: for students to launch a dynamic zone; for the traveling crowd to launch the Olympic package. 365 days a year, there are many children who have a birthday every day, and it is natural that parents will buy their children's clothes as birthday presents for their children's birthday. To this end, you can expand the following activities: Activity 2: Everyday birthday shop - Good boy (dragons Ha Peter) Children's clothing shop rules: OUR every day for over the full moon, a hundred days, birthday and school festivals, children's birthday package And other clothing combinations, parents can choose according to the circumstances, there are 2 sets, 3 sets, 4 sets of different combinations, the shop will choose according to the customer different sets of packages were presented different values ​​of the birthday cake. Explain: This activity should be widely known, can do with the sale of brand birthday cake merchants association, in fact, is "buy children's clothes donated cake"; Of course, the sale of cake must do "buy cake donation" activities. Shandong Tengzhou has a custom: Grandpa and grandmother to send a full moon, a hundred days or birthday grandson, granddaughter of valuable gifts, the local agents put the stroller, children's clothing, toys and other combinations sold to these special customers, each single Sales are in the thousand or so. (Wang Yongqing sell rice revelation: Wang Yongqing sell rice, in addition to the stones inside the rice pick clean, but also to write down the number of rice customers to buy, purchase time, estimated when the cylinder will be empty. When he will go home to send rice.Thus, our good boy (dragons HH) children's clothing shopkeeper or clerk will have to remember the children's birthday, and for registration, can make a fuss about!) Third, China Mobile's integral activities, China Mobile points for its customers, spending a dollar for each point, the end of the year with points redemption prizes. More definitely, they are cashing prizes in a more streamlined way. Customers visit the mobile site, and find their points corresponding to the prize, enter the shipping address, move the company will let the courier company free gifts. As a result, we can also do integral activities. Activity 3: Welcome to the Year of the Ox Credits: Those who buy children's clothing or other goods in the shop can participate in points, for every dollar spent, before the Spring Festival points to reach 390 points or more customers can enjoy a Spring Festival gift for children . The higher the points, the greater the value of the prize you enjoy. Enjoy the points cleared, such as the Spring Festival after the purchase action, then in addition to the normal points, and then presented 50 points, "61" children can enjoy a holiday gift before the holiday, the higher the points, the greater the value of the prizes to enjoy. Explanation: For children, the Spring Festival and the June 1 are big festivals. The event links the promotion of the two festivals. Points level, according to store sales development. Activity four: Year of the Ox, winter holiday painting (composition) Competition rules: for the active winter children's life, where in the shop by the parents to buy good children (dragons Ha Peter) children's clothing children can participate in the store's "Year of the Ox, winter vacation painting (Composition) Competition ", each child can provide at least one entry. Competition works collected as of January 25 at 18 o'clock, the work will be the local authority of the teacher evaluation, the first six months of the competition results will be unveiled, the first prize, second prize two, third prize three. Respectively, presented a set of values ​​ranging from school supplies. At that time, there will be an on-the-spot raffle. All customers who purchase our good boy (dragons and horses) will be able to participate in the lucky draw. The prize for the Lantern Festival - Lantern! Explanation: The lucky draw is another good publicity, attracting popularity and attention. Activity five: Where in the shop by the parents to buy good children (dragons Ha Peter) children's clothing, the shop after the consent of the parents free of charge for their shooting wear a new set of children's digital photos and print, and select one of the most beautiful Zhang list in the shop Billboards, by each purchase of children's clothing parents vote on the photos on the standings, the votes are the best boy company dragons Hello Peter "beautiful baby" can get the shop presented a set of learning supplies. Explanation: This activity may be more girls to participate. The above activities can be used alone, can also be held at the same time. If you do not work well, you know too few people, so make sure that as many people as possible know what we are going to do. 100 people to participate in the event, you have 1000 people know; 1000 people know, you have to spread among 10,000 people ... ... Attached to the commercial side wisdom: 1, winter travel to Taiyuan, stalls can be bought with warm blisters The hot mineral water; Shanxi hotel accommodation according to 12 hours billing. 2, from the good boy's headquarters to the right side of the street will see a small restaurant selling buns that read "Goodbaby Group recruitment office", each time after the general will see some young workers in the consumption. 3, some manufacturers will do advertising office elevator, bathroom. 4, Jinan, a hotel where the streets to build roads, the hotel hanging banners at the junction, wrote "due to the construction of Jinan Municipal Government to bring you inconvenience, please forgive me." There are certain hotels. "5, shopping often do shop, or choose One day is the "Consumer Day," which is often Monday, with fewer passengers.6 Some hotels and beauty salons always meet or do gymnastics with uniformed staff outside the shop during work and / or Readers should indicate the author and source! Zhang Rui, Beijing Institute of Technology Master of Business Administration, is currently working in good child group is responsible for a children's clothing project in the northern market. Welcome to discuss with your author and point of view View, Tel:, E-mail: [email protected] Goodbaby Group (Little Dragon Ha Pei Kids) Website: http://

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