Mens wear underwear during the menstrual pay attention to the woman's heart for your guidance

Women's life, about 500 times, 3000 days of menstrual period

Menstruation physiologically every 1 month or so for the cycle, each 3-7 days. The average age of menarche in modern women is 12 years old, and the age of menopause is usually between 45 and 55 years old. That is to say, girls will experience menstrual period of about 500 times and 3000 days in their lifetime.


How menstrual wear underwear

Many MM menstrual problems will have breast pain, because the breast gland and endometrium, will also change with the menstrual cycle, premenstrual and post-menstrual recovery period changes. In premenstrual hyperplasia, we should buy at least buy 2 bra for change, the style is recommended to buy no rims, most of the cup, so breasts relaxed and comfortable.

经期内衣裤穿戴有讲究  女人心为你指点迷津

Menstrual wear underwear

Menstrual period should choose physiological underwear, the first sound, physiological underwear seems to be somewhat more than one stroke, in fact, there are its unique advantages of physiological underwear:

经期内衣裤穿戴有讲究  女人心为你指点迷津

1. The anti-leakage

Physiological underwear anti-seepage principle is very simple, that is, at the bottom and back of the underwear plus a layer of waterproof fabric, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of menstrual side leakage.

经期内衣裤穿戴有讲究  女人心为你指点迷津

2. comfortable and relaxed

Physiological underwear designers in the choice of materials and cutting a lot of time, the design is more in line with ergonomic principles, breathable base material + fit design + a wide range of adaptability, greatly improving the comfort of physiological pants.

经期内衣裤穿戴有讲究  女人心为你指点迷津

3. Clean air permeability

Physiological underwear breathability than the average underwear even better, even in the hot summer wear no discomfort.

经期内衣裤穿戴有讲究  女人心为你指点迷津

4. easy to clean

Due to the characteristics of the fabric, after the physiological underwear is soiled, the dirt generally does not penetrate into the interior of the fabric fiber, so cleaning is very easy. MM is indeed a big blessing.

经期内衣裤穿戴有讲究  女人心为你指点迷津

In addition, menstrual wear underwear, usually best not to wear. Because the back of the sanitary napkin viscose, will affect the health of women, the sanitary napkin to tear down, the sanitary napkin viscose will also be left in the inside of the underwear, easy to infect private parts. It is best to separate them.

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