New successful development of high-grade linen decorative fabrics to the market

With the awakening of "ecological awareness", consumers have the desire of "advocating nature" and "returning to simplicity" to textiles, and the demand of the textile market with natural fiber as raw material continues to grow. Flax known as the Queen of fiber, with moisture wicking, natural antibacterial, relieve fatigue, prevent radiation and other multiple excellent natural effect. Flax is a plant's cortical fibers, its function is similar to human skin, with the protection of the body, regulate the temperature and other natural properties. Modern plant anatomy proves flax fiber is a natural bundle fiber, this unique structure makes it non-non-hemp fiber incomparable advantages. Linen fabric can reduce body sweating, water absorption speed than silk, cotton several times faster, contact with the skin that is the formation of capillarity, is an extension of the skin. Flax natural breathability, moisture absorption and moisture release, making it a free breathing textiles, room temperature can make the human body sense of temperature drop 4-8 ℃, known as "natural air conditioning." Not only that, because linen fiber hollow, rich in oxygen, so that anaerobic bacteria can not survive, so it has good antibacterial properties, is the ideal fabric for functional textiles. Flax products are mainly produced in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and so on. In recent years, with the advent of new varieties, new technologies, new spinning methods, new weaving methods and new finishing processes, flax can be used not only for fabric, decorative fabrics, tablecloths, bedding, but also for non-woven fabrics. Famous European car companies BMW, Audi, SAAB in the car by the linen and polyester blend of non-woven fabrics, linen products used in automotive interior decoration. "The door to the international market for linen products has opened up to us." Europeans are particularly interested in linen products. With the protection of animal leather in Europe, many leather products such as sofas, bags and fur will be replaced by cloth in the future. Linen. Based on years' experiences in researching and manufacturing flax, Xin Shin Group has established close research and development cooperation with well-known universities and colleges in China such as Donghua University. According to the requirements of clients, researchers have made improvements to flax spinning and linen weaving so that The finer and more refined spinning process results in finer and more stable linen-based fabrics than ever before, laying the groundwork for a new industry where the technical requirements are finer. Shin Shin Group successfully developed fine high-grade linen decorative fabrics, hoping to open a new application group in the field of flax textile new situation.

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