Miss de Mode Miss modern winter vest refuses mediocrity

Miss de Mode Miss Deng has always been to work fine sophistication, elegant style known. From the fabric to the design, are different from the current domestic children's clothing adult style, the real girl from the perspective of elegant, sweet, elegant and other personal qualities. MDM clothing in a large number of bow, flowers, lace, dots and puff skirt and other romantic elements, so that children in her own fairy tale world, to become a princess. Very cute leopard vest, cute hoodie style is the little girl's favorite, the hem of the golden thread, complicated process, is YY's a bright spot, matching down jacket is very perfect Oh. . This is a long section of the vest, is still a little girl like hooded style, fabric technology used rare shear design, different. Each piece of YY is made of finished products after careful treatment to achieve such an effect, with a down jacket, very perfect, collar cute pompon design, reflects the YY innocent side.

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