Popular summer this summer, what kind of clothing Mature summer how to match

Mature light is a beautiful city landscape, they are seductive mature temperament, but also retains the cute little woman. The women's clothing following this light summer Mature did not install, their innocence and charm of the unique personality show most vividly. If you are at such a stage, take a quick look at the successful match.

Floral little chiffon dress skirts, bright colors, elegant and romantic, the design of the sling sexy neck and hot back display, bringing elegant femininity. Linked to the high waist cut, to create the most classic golden ratio, with dark green fine with high heels, even more intellectual and elegant.

今年夏天流行什么服装 轻熟女夏日要怎么搭配

Black and white Plaid elements of the costumes, has always been the darling of the fashion industry, so in the hot summer how can there be less of their existence too! This black and white checkerboard checkered suit, shirt in front of a large area of ​​white, behind the classic checkerboard pattern and shorts complement each other, and then with gorgeous necklace, the overall shape of the competent extravagance, with a pair of feminine black and white waves Wedges shoes, you are the tide of the workplace pull.

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