Summer fashion swept swept BELLO ANN fashion season aspect

Summer, when everything becomes rich and colorful, with a fanatical moment it swept across the city, just as fashion swept this season, so that you are passionate about this summer, today Let Xiaobian resolve the season you want to present BELLO ANN fashion feast.

夏季时尚风潮席卷而来 BELLO ANN解析本季时尚看点

â—‡ stripe pattern

Striped elements have been touted in the T station, especially the classic black and white stripes, haunting the T stage in major fashion weeks, the streets of the influx of people streaks out of a variety of style features, evolved into an unabated fashion relics. Spring and summer, in the visual refreshing it is more popular with many designers and celebrities, in addition to the rich visual changes brought about by the jump, simple and orderly arrangement can also make the vertical stripes produce a favorable visual Clutter, guide the viewer's attention in accordance with the vertical movement up and down, resulting in the effect of longitudinal extension, thereby making the figure more slender.

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