[?å½±?r?] Retro Tour 2021 Spring/Summer Shanghai Fashion Week ends perfectly

Introduction: On the evening of October 12th, [Shadow rb] The 2021 Spring/Summer Shanghai Fashion Show with the theme of "In the Mood for Love" came to an end with interlaced lights.

In this fashion week, [Shadow rb] showed the crystallization of the collision between the artistic essence of the Republic of China and modern fashion, and then injects the spirit of independence, bravery and self-confidence into women in the new era.

A retro melody sounded. Accompanied by the melodious piano sound, 20 handsome gentlemen played their beloved double bass, and retro girls in the Mood for Love cheongsam paced their souls. The power of music aroused their souls. With sparks in the depths, a dream conference officially began.

The film girls and the gentlemen danced gracefully, charming and moving, swaying in a variety of ways, vividly and vividly interpreting the romance of the Republic of China, which is intoxicating.

In this situation, the media and guests in the audience praised this unparalleled visual feast and praised the exquisite and gorgeous clothing. The atmosphere at the scene was ups and downs, which made people feel unfinished. It is worth mentioning that the elegant and retro Shanghai ladies sat in the front row watching the fashion show, and they were attracted by innovative and unique costumes.

After the big show, [Shadow rb] founder Lin Ziqi Joy accepted a number of fashion media and organizing committee interviews in the background.

Q: Could you please introduce the brand story and brand concept of [ying rb]

A: [Shadow rb] was inspired by the spy shadows during the Republic of China. In the commemorative drama, the women who worked hard for the founding of New China, in the troubled times, still insist on that fortitude and grace, bravery and self-confidence, in modern new women. Bloom their light.

Q: Please introduce the inspiration source of this big show

A: The inspiration for this big show was in the 1940s, using classic shadow elements to reproduce the retro and pay tribute to the Renaissance. Let the spirit of pursuing self-liberation be reinterpreted in modern independent women. Exquisite retro pattern printing collides with contemporary simple geometric figures. A large number of lace and handmade beading create a Victorian romantic atmosphere, showing the blend of Chinese and Western, presenting a new retro culture.

Q: What do you think is the design highlight of this big show?

A: [Shadow rb] In this big show, we specially invited 30+ well-known bloggers and retro ladies to watch the show in the first row. We hired New York Fashion Week director & curator Xiao Yinfei to collect musical instruments from all Shanghai piano shops. The 20 cellos are the soul of the whole show, just to give everyone an unexpected shocking show.

Q: What kind of message do you have for this brand?

A: [Shadow rb] is an original designer brand with warmth. We not only decorate the external beauty of women, but also hope that their hearts can be as strong as female agents to meet the opportunities and challenges given by this era.

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