Yili Ya Thanksgiving end of the big feedback hot in progress

End of the attack, the truth back! To thank the franchisee and wholesaler for a long time the support and love, Ye Ya end of promotional activities on December 18 hot start, the audience winter spike activity period of December 18 to 19.


The day of the event, from Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Changde, Zhuzhou, Liuyang and other regions, more than 50 franchisees and wholesalers to buy goods up to more than 400,000.


According to the booking records show that tomorrow's orders will be far more than today, let us look forward to the coming of the frenzy tomorrow!

【Event Details】

Down 5000 yuan, 0.8 fold, equivalent to 180 yuan / piece. Cotton, cashmere sweater, sweater, pants, jacket, coat from 3000 yuan, 0.5 fold, equivalent to 30 yuan / piece!

[Yeah Yeah know the latest promotions, swept it so simple]


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