The most needed products for children's home textiles

Nowadays, children have become the center of a family. More and more parents are concerned about the health of children's daily necessities, especially whether the bedding is healthy, and whether it is conducive to the healthy growth of children. The Chinese children's home textile market also needs to be vigorously developed. How to develop, and what products to develop, this problem still has to be handed over to consumers to answer, let consumers tell the company what products are most consistent and close to their needs. So what is the most needed children's home textile product in the minds of parents?

Most worried - security

Safe, secure, or safe. In the interview, the parents and children are most worried about this old and extremely important issue. In recent years, children's toys with excessive lead content, infant formula containing melamine, and students of black heart cotton have been prevented by children's parents, so the safety of children's products has become a top priority. From the fabric of children's bedding, to the filling material of the quilt and pillow, whether it is safe and environmentally friendly is still full of doubts in the minds of consumers. Therefore, consumers would rather spend high prices to buy brand names, which is a guarantee of safety.

Most need - comfortable

In the interview, parents said that what they need most is the natural and comfortable children's bedding. Bedclothes such as pillowcases, sheets and covers are exposed to children for more than 8 hours a day. Especially at night, it is an important time for children to grow and develop, so the comfort of bedding is especially important. Most parents said that they only want to buy pure cotton products when choosing children's bedding. First, cotton bedding is soft and absorbs sweat. Second, cotton products are very wear-resistant and easy to care.

Favorite - design

Nowadays, the number of parents who are in the nursing period is more than 70. This group of people has a higher level of education and knows how to respect the children's opinions. Therefore, more children participate in the purchase and the children have the right to choose. Children's home textiles can only attract their attention if they are designed according to their favorite image and color. Now the most popular cartoon image - "Pleasant Goat" comes from the cartoon "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf". The cartoon image has already appeared in other children's products such as stationery and toys, and the children's home textile market has not seen it. Whether children's home textile design should respond more quickly to the popular elements of the children's market, it is worthwhile for children's home textiles to join the brand thinking.

It turns out that the children's home textile market is not small, and there is a certain market gap. Nowadays, parents pay more and more attention to the important role played by children's home textiles in the children's life. The "most worried", "most need" and "favorite" reflect the voice of children's home textile consumers, and how to develop for home textile enterprises. An answer from consumers in the home textile market

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