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Betty lambs from the international fashion designer brand, its design philosophy - children can also be very tide, so many adult fashion elements also appear in children's clothing, with its unique "adult style" to lead children's fashion design style trend. Daring color collision use, exaggerated fashion style cutting and ultra-personalized fabric mix and match. Show a refreshing children's fashion show, let the children happy, healthy growth at the same time enjoy the fashion feast. Betty lamb adhere to the pop and fashion appeal to promote high quality, the market positioning on childlike innocence, fashion, unlike the current market is full of cartoon children's clothing brand. To fashion the main tune, with the elements of innocence design concept, advocate a unique philosophy of dress, fashion in the children's clothing market! In 2013 Betty lamb autumn new products, Betty lamb joined more new fashion elements, so that children have their own choice of clothing style of right and thinking ability, how to wear on how to wear, came Betty lamb fashion , Out of Betty Lamb's personality and style, of course, Betty Lamb is also known as "environmental protection, high quality", with a healthy fabric paste heart comfort design to protect children's health, by children and parents favorite. Betty lambs children's clothes follow the international fashion trends, "fashion, happiness, taste" as the concept of demand, advocate the new generation of children's "innocence and fashion" brand new concept of consumer spending, fashion, unique, personalized, childlike Style, natural color matching, exquisite fabrics to attract every pursuit of fashion, pay attention to the personality of children show their parents, they carefully dress up their little baby, princess, so lovely child healthy growth in joy and happiness. Product design highlighting the design at the same time, the concept of integration of green, so that consumers experience the comfort and health of the brand, is committed to creating "China's fashion brand children's clothing." Betty lambs children's clothing unique style of taste, personality, casual, stylish design concept, set the latest fashion popular elements, the latest popular concepts, practice and fashion leisure combined with a new attitude to life, wearing comfortable and personality, More fashion.


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