Expert: The fabric is thicker and darker.

It is a headache for the sun to take the lead. Faced with a wide range of sunscreen clothing on the market, consumers are very entangled: Is the sunscreen effect good? There are rumors on the Internet that the “sun protection suit” sold on the market is more sunscreen than ordinary clothes. Is it true?

In response to these questions, the author launched a truth investigation.

Experimental sampling

The author searched for sun protection clothing on the Taobao shop, jumping out of 220,000 pieces of baby, the average price is about tens of dollars. The author purchased a "Junjun" brand anti-UV genuine sunscreen clothing, known as "already quality inspection", monthly sales of 130,000 pieces, the author selected a piece of phosphor, promotional price of 24 yuan. Randomly in a small commodity market in Hangzhou, the author found a similar sunscreen clothing, selected a piece of blue, priced at 40 yuan.

Then, the author came to some fashion and outdoor brand stores, the price of these "sun protection suits" is much more expensive than the online ones, and the price is between 200 yuan and 600 yuan. The author found a gray T-shirt with the words "UPF 50" in the "NORTH FACE" (north) counter of a department store, priced at 228 yuan.

At the same time, the author also purchased two black and white cotton T-shirts as samples representing "ordinary clothes." Came to the Zhejiang Textile Testing Institute for testing.

experiment procedure

First, five pieces of clothes were placed in a constant temperature and humidity environment at a temperature of 20 ° and a humidity of 65% for 24 hours. "Because the temperature will cause the object to expand and contract, the humidity will affect the weight of the object. In order to avoid errors, these conditions must be controlled." The technical inspection department of the Textile Institute explained it rigorously.

Next, sampling was performed, and 9 samples were cut out on different parts of the back, hands, and front of each piece of clothing. Because the sampling standard has strict regulations, it is necessary to randomly sample more than 4 parts during the test. Each part of the random sampling must meet the national standard, so that the product can pass the test.

Finally, these samples were placed on a UV tester and the test results were given.

Experts explained to the author that the ultraviolet light is divided into three bands, among which the ultraviolet wave that causes the human skin to tanning is UVA (radiation wave with a wavelength of 320 to 420 nm, commonly known as long wave), and UVA can directly reach the dermis layer of the skin, destroying the elastic fiber and collagen. Protein fiber, which tans our skin. Therefore, the first thing to compare is the so-called sun protection clothing and ordinary clothes, which has a good protective effect against UVA band ultraviolet rays.

Experimental result

After testing, the results are as follows: the anti-UV effect of ordinary black and white T-shirts is actually more obvious than the two items bought by reporters from the online and small shopping malls. That is to say, it is called sun protection clothing, and there is no ordinary clothes to protect the sun.

The sunscreen clothing of the brand store clearly marked its own sun protection rating. After the experiment, the "North Face" of this gray sunscreen T-shirt UV protection effect, even by two ordinary T-shirts.

UPF value analysis, test results: two pieces of sunscreen jackets purchased from the online and small commodity markets, UPF are only 3, far lower than the standard value of UV products (> 40), and the two black and white T-shirts that I purchased randomly , UPF values ​​are 50+; far higher than the first three.

The results are clear, no matter what brand of sunscreen clothing for this test, there is no more sunscreen than this ordinary T-shirt.

In addition, the test results of the brand sunscreen clothing, and their own UPF values ​​are also different: "Northern" brand sunscreen shirt, UPF rating is marked as 50, and the actual test results are only 41.

UV protection products are not called casually

Then, does the country have corresponding standards and regulations for the sun protection performance of “sun protection clothing”?

According to Yangong, the state has a standard for GB/T 18830-2009 "Assessment of UV Protection of Textiles" for textiles. Only the UV protection coefficient of textiles, that is, the UPF value is greater than 40, and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5. When it is %, it can be called "UV protection products".

However, this GB/T is a recommended standard and is not a mandatory standard for the country. However, if the company marks this standard on the product, it means that the company accepts and adopts this standard. The "North Face" brand of sunscreen shirts, the UPF is marked as 50, and the actual test results are only 41. Although it theoretically meets the requirements of UV protection products, it has the suspicion of exaggerating efficacy. (Guiyang Daily)

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